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Sustainable planning - this is how it's done!

The search for innovative solutions for Green Events in Berlin begins with the question of what sustainability actually means in practice for event planners and companies.

The Federal Environment Agency explains the term with a simple principle of action from forestry: anyone who uses natural resources should ensure that future generations can still benefit from them. This means that event organizers are encouraged to use resources responsibly and to pay attention to environmentally friendly and efficient concepts.

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overview fields of action of the Sustainable Event Guidelines visitBerlin

Sustainable Event Guidelines and Supporter Patch

Use the guidelines as a planning document to develop and implement your events in a clearly structured and sustainable way. With the help of the Supporter Patch you can show your participants and stakeholders that you organise ecologically, socially and economically.

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11 tips for sustainable event planning


Sustainability starts with the little things! Our infographics show you the aspects you can tweak during planning to devise an event more sustainably. Here you can find great suggestions to become sustainably creative.

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Infografik Sustainable Meetings Berlin mit Highlight auf CO2 Emissionen durch Catering visitBerlin

Planning components

Here you will find further information on the fields of action of the Sustainable Event Guidelines and learn more about how you can plan your event more efficient:

C02 made from green grass Getty Images, Foto: Jesper Klausen/Science Photo Libary

General: Measure and offset CO2 emissions

Mountains in sunshine, in foreground digitized globe with sustainable symbols visitBerlin, photo: metamorworks

General: Best Practices German Logistics Congress

Blog Berlin Meetings, Barrierefreie Hotels Berlin, Rollstuhlfahrerin an der Rezeption visitBerlin, Foto: Andi Weiland/

General: barrier-free meetings

con|temporary christmas weekend, Kooperationspartner Deutsche Bahn, ICE Zug visitBerlin, Foto: Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben

Transportation: Deutsche Bahn event ticket

Berlin WelcomeCard am Fahrtkartenautomat kaufen visitBerlin, Foto: Martin Peterdamm

Transport: Berlin Welcome Card

Technologiepark Berlin Adlershof visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Venue: Berlin's Future Places

MEET+CHANGE - Integrative Werkstatt Berlin Pankow mit kreativen Sitzmöglichkeiten visitBerlin, Foto: Uwe Steinert


Historic gate Landgut STOBER, Foto: Peter Stumpf

Sustainable conference hotels in & around Berlin

Detail of a buffet with desserts FLORIS Catering

Catering: sustainable MICE-Catering

Mülleimer mit Lebensmittelresten von oben visitBerlin, Foto: Jenny Dettrick

Catering: avoid food waste

Rental furniture made of euro pallets RENT4EVENT GmbH

Equipment: this is how sustainable Berlin's event outfitters perform

reduce reuse recycle concept. Getty Images, Grafik: coolvectormaker

Equipment: waste prevention & material recycling

people doing a workshop in a MEET+CHANGE Location visitBerlin, c Uwe Steinert

Framework program: Legacy - Impact on the destination

Fahrradlenker im Gegenlicht visitBerlin, Foto:

Supporting program: City tour with a difference

Portrait of people in green t-shirts forming wavy line in field Getty Images, Foto: Martin Berraud

Sustainable Partner: our sustainable service providers

Foto: Laptop mit grünem Bildschirm und dem Schriftzug Responsibility Getty Images cnythzl

Green encyclopedia for event planners

What is sustainability? What does Sustainable Event Management mean? What is the aim of the CSR Reporting Commitment? You can find these and other terms related to sustainability in our green encyclopedia for event pl

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Your contact for sustainable event planning