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Virtual Live Tour - Modern Living Culture


Culture is now also available digitally!

Just "get out": don't miss the opportunity to escape your everyday life in these dry times.

Can the most exquisite examples of the core question of the twenties "how to live?", some even with monument value, be found in a still quiet, prosperous residential suburb? Let's stroll along the paths beyond the noise, dirt and distractions of inner-city life and seek out the examples of wealthy Zehlendorf citizens who, even before 1918, wanted to shape a new type of individual retreat by building a classic single-family home.

We offer you various exploration tours through our capital city; all from the comfort of your own home. Self-catering included. Feel free to prepare yourself a tea or a good glass of wine as well as some snacks!

Make yourself comfortable and follow our professional guides digitally through the urban jungle. You can discover the city from a whole new perspective.

We look forward to seeing you!

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