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art:berlin - Reclaim the City: Vol.2 - Streetart in Kreuzberg


Our new route starts right at Schlesisches Tor and takes us through the exciting Wrangelkiez!

Glued, sprayed, crocheted: for some, street art is vandalism, for others THE creative form of expression in the city. Discover with us the playful lightness, but also the political dimensions of this art form, in a rapidly changing neighbourhood. Cork men on street signs, graffiti or monumental murals. The possibilities are endless, from huge to tiny. In addition to works by street art greats like Blu, Ash and Os Gemos, we will also get closer to even lesser-known artists. Be amazed at the varied techniques of street art and at the unusual places in which art can reveal itself.


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art:berlin by cpb

  • Bessemerstraße 22
  • D-12101 Berlin - Tempelhof
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