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Friedrichstadt-Palast: VIVID Grand Show


VIVID is a declaration of love to life. A production budget of 12 million euros for spectacular costumes and stage sets of unparalleled dimensions. A kaleidoscope of physical perfection and outstanding artistic performances.

Young R’eye is separated from her father and transformed into an android - half human, half machine. Although her life is now subject to external control, her yearning for freedom lives on. And, indeed, one day she does begin moving to a different beat. With the bright-eyed wonder of a child, she beholds the world with new eyes and perceives the overwhelming beauty of things that we often overlook.


"Las Vegas in Berlin" (The Sunday Times)

"The best show to ever be seen on this stage" (Berliner Zeitung")

"VIVID is the must-watch show of this lifetime" (Singapore Airlines)

"Absolutely perfect!" (The Irish Times)

"A GIGANTIC hit! Bravo!!!" (Broadway World)

Friedrichstadt-Palast: VIVID Grand Show

  • Friedrichstraße 107
  • D-10117 Berilin - Mitte
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