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art:berlin - BIKINI BERLIN - The Concept Shopping Mall


Shopping in the BIKINI? It works even in blazing heat, pouring rain or freezing cold, but only in Berlin! The unique shopping experience in Berlin's number one concept shopping mall is always sensational. We explore together what makes BIKINI BERLIN so special that it almost feels like a short holiday. What is the idea of a concept mall? What is it about the so-called boxes? And how does BIKINI BERLIN manage to bring together hip shops, recreation, gastronomy, hotel and fashion so impressively under one roof? The history of the mall's construction is not forgotten on our journey of discovery:
A listed area with contemporary architecture. The successful combination of exterior and interior architecture is thanks to the Munich architects "Hild und K".

Our focal points are:
1. fashion: shopping & retail concept
2. building: architecture, history & concept
3. BIKINI BERLIN and surroundings with Breitscheidplatz & new buildings


art:berlin by cpb

  • Bessemerstraße 22
  • D-12101 Berlin
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