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NIRGENDWO Environmental Education & Cultural Site in Wriezener Park

Event location

The Environmental Education Centre and Cultural Venue in Wriezener Park

NIRGENDWO is located in an urban green space. Our special focus is on respect for the habitats of flora and fauna, nature conservation, recreation and individual aspects of leisure activities, such as low-threshold cultural and environmental education programmes, and communal gardening in the beds around the locomotive shed. For many residents, the daily networking with the non-profit project, as well as visiting the gardens in the sense of preventive health care, is relaxing and important. Non-public, non-cultural and commercial events therefore only take place at NIRGENDWO to a limited extent and under special conditions.

Sustainable venue - Sustainable events

Are you on the lookout for an urban location for small to medium-sized events with sustainable principles and ideas for implementation? NIRGENDWO is the perfect platform for workshops, summer receptions, incentives, corporate events, dinners, screenings, launch events, exhibitions and much more. We are open to hearing your ideas!

Please note that events at NIRGENDWO are designed to be completely vegan and use disposable plastic-free material, and there is a night-time curfew of 0:00 am to protect the flora and fauna. Furthermore, the place aspires to ensure a sustainable character and implementation at all events. This begins with the decoration and design, continues with the catering and the people involved, and extends to the content and programming. The mission of NIRGENDWO is to inspire everyone in their interaction with and experience of our evolved urban nature oasis. We love to make people aware of the flora and fauna and their needs in the city and to give them concrete tips and information that they can actively implement at home or at work for a green and sustainable Berlin. For more information and inspirational ideas for your event, click here (only available in german).

Commitment to sustainability

Since the year 2013, we have been developing the former locomotive shed and the surrounding green space in Wriezener Park into an open environmental education and cultural venue. It is a great place for peaceful encounters and action for the common good. It is also a place for community urban gardening projects with residents from the neighbourhood and with cultural activities and events for the whole family.

We are committed to a mindful and sustainable approach to people and nature and to the resources available to us in our daily work. Fair wages are just as much a part of this as plastic-reduced and energy-saving catering. We see ourselves as a place that respects and protects every form of life equally, is completely vegan and is part of the edible city and nutrition education. We are a place that spreads the awareness for a respectful and mindful treatment of every form of life in all our offerings to participants, guests and visitors.

Conference rooms

  • max. room dimension up to 77m²
  • 1 Event space total
  • max. room height up to 5m
  • Exhibition space from 0 to 77m²
  • suitable for up to 130 participants

Equipment in event spaces

  • Audio system
  • Full darkness
  • In-house technical personnel
  • Natural light
  • Projection technology
  • WiFi in event spaces

Downloadable material about the location

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Location & Connection

NIRGENDWO Environmental Education & Cultural Site in Wriezener Park
Helsingforser Str. 10,  D-10243 Berlin,  Friedrichshain