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The Sustainable City and you


This tour connects the plans of a city to become CO2-neutral with the climate footprint of individuals. Thus, we look into some of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions such as aviation, food diets and food waste, the fashion industry, car transport and energy, and discover the actions you as an individual can take to lower these, and the responsibility of a city to enable their citizens to lower their climate footprints as well as of the city in general. The 3 hour bike tour is off the beaten track compared to the typical historical city tours of Berlin, so this is a great way to experience the many other amazing areas which Berlin offers. The tour is targeted groups and individuals who have an interest in sustainability, and want to learn more about how cities and individuals interact to protect people and the planet, while experiencing some of the less touristic but amazing areas that Berlin offers. On this tour you will discover: Urban gardens, Sustainable shops, Unique recreational areas, Bike culture, Holzmarkt – a sustainable mini-society. 

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Green Bike Tours

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