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Chocolate Tasting Event in Berlin


Aromas of red fruits, woody notes or an intense taste of citrus fruits? As with wine or whisky tasting, you can also taste incredibly exciting and unusual flavors in fine chocolate at a chocolate tasting. With us and your friends, colleagues or family, you can enjoy and talk shop for all it's worth!

We at Theyo would like to take you on an exciting journey into the world of fine chocolate - right in our beautiful capital Berlin. Come with us on a culinary delicious taste journey around the world with the most exciting, delicious origin chocolates. Discover the finest chocolate as you have never tasted it before: with all your senses!

When it comes to chocolate with a high cocoa content, quality is everything. For the most exciting flavors and a delicious melt, you will get personally curated Craft Chocolate for an intense taste and chocolate experience. Experience dark chocolate from a special variety of flavors as you have not experienced before.

The workshop is anything but a frontal presentation: surveys, quizzes and Q&A sessions make the tasting an interactive chocolate experience. We take you on a culinary journey of pleasure with chocolate of origin.

- You will learn how chocolate is made;

- You will learn what distinguishes fine chocolate from supermarket chocolate;

- You will learn what to look for when tasting chocolate;

- You will learn which tasting techniques you can use to identify flavors particularly well;

- You will experience an unforgettable and experimental taste experience.

Commitment to sustainability

We only distribute and produce chocolate products that are 100% fair – meaning free of child labor – as well as sustainably grown in permaculture (or similar agro-forestry/regenerative systems). We ensure this through close partnerships with chocolate manufacturers & cacao farmers who engage in direct trade.

Furthermore we are also working to ensure that in the future all of our products are produced in countries of origin - using local raw materials. In this way, a large proportion of revenue is made in the countries of origin, instead of in Western countries as usual, which in turn benefits the local economy and contributes to the creation of skilled jobs.

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