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WECC - Westhafen Event & Convention Center

Event location

The listed former warehouse I of the Westhafen Berlin with a total of over 2,700 m² and 10 variable rooms for events, allows events on an area of 2,210 m² with up to 1,500 persons. Connected by a foyer, the two column-free, parallel playable main halls with 770 m² and 420 m² and a ceiling height of 12.40 m form the heart of the event location.

The multifunctional rooms of the WECC are equipped with state-of-the-art media, lighting and sound technology as well as conference and meeting facilities for demanding conference topics.

Conference rooms

  • max. room dimension up to 770m²
  • 10 Event spaces total
  • max. room height up to 12.4m
  • Exhibition space from 10 to 2,050m²
  • suitable for up to 1,500 participants
Name 360° Room area Room height Welcome reception Banquet Classroom Arrange seating in rows Arrange seating in u form
Großer Saal n.a. 770m² 12.4m 800 500 420 820 n.a.
Kleiner Saal n.a. 450m² 12.4m 350 280 200 350 n.a.
Workshopraum 60m² n.a. n.a. 60m² 4.5m 75 n.a. 40 65 n.a.
Workshopraum 40m² n.a. n.a. 40m² 4.5m 60 n.a. 24 45 n.a.
Workshopraum 30m² n.a. n.a. 30m² 4.5m 45 n.a. 16 35 n.a.
Workshopkombi 120m² n.a. 120m² 4.5m 150 n.a. 100 120 n.a.
Workshopkombi 200m² n.a. 200m² 4.5m 250 n.a. 130 180 n.a.

Equipment in event spaces

  • Accessible
  • Air conditioned
  • Audio system
  • Full darkness
  • In-house technical personnel
  • Natural light
  • Projection technology
  • WiFi in event spaces

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WECC - Westhafen Event & Convention Center

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WECC - Westhafen Event & Convention Center
Westhafenstraße 1,  D-13353 Berlin,  Mitte

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