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Rennbahn Hoppegarten

Event location

Founded in 1868, the 150-year-old Hoppegarten racecourse, the oldest and largest sports facility in the capital region, is an original Berlin institution. After privatisation in 2008, Hoppegarten has developed into Germany's most dynamic racecourse in terms of spectators, betting turnover and sponsors. In 2013, the 207-hectare complex was officially declared as "national monument" and is well equipped to become a leading venue for outdoor events in the capital region. In addition to a wide range of hospitality and sponsoring offers on a race day, the racecourse offers a variety of event possibilities on its beautiful ground.

Conference rooms

  • max. room dimension up to 250,000m²
  • 6 Event spaces total
  • max. room height up to 8m
  • Exhibition space from 100 to 250,000m²
  • suitable for up to 90,000 participants
Name 360° Room area Room height Welcome reception Banquet Classroom Arrange seating in rows Arrange seating in u form
Raum Tribüne II n.a. n.a. 574m² 8.08m 400 200 168 400 n.a.
Klub-Lounge n.a. n.a. 107m² 3.6m 90 50 40 70 n.a.
Saal in der Haupttribüne n.a. n.a. 760m² 6.6m 500 400 200 300 n.a.
offene Tribünenseite Klub-Tribüne n.a. n.a. 135m² 4.65m 110 80 n.a. n.a. n.a.
offene Tribünenseite Tribüne II n.a. n.a. 790m² 5m n.a. n.a. n.a. 1,000 n.a.
offene Tribünenseite Haupttribüne 1. OG n.a. n.a. 1,620m² 3.5m 800 n.a. n.a. 800 n.a.

Equipment in event spaces

  • Natural light

Further details

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Location & Connection

Rennbahn Hoppegarten
Goetheallee 1,  D-15366 Berlin, 

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