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The Sustainable Berlin Of The Future Tour By Bike


Berlin is planning to be carbon neutral by 2050. What does that actually mean and why are cities green plans important when speaking of climate change? These questions and a lot more will be answered on this wonderful bike tour around Berlin.

We communicate about cities green transition. Why? Because 70% of all carbon emissions come from big cities so they are actually key to solving the global climate challenges. On this fantastic bike tour around Berlin you will experience: Amazing green spaces, green architecture, urban sustainable planning, energy efficient buildings, recycling management, green roofs, solar installations, biking and bike culture and water management.

We can help you rent a bike or you are also welcome to bring your own bike.

Where do we meet?

At the bike shop in Blücherstrasse 16 – the guide will be wearing a yellow vest saying Green Bike Tours.

Where does the tour end?

The tour ends in Tempelhofer Feld – a former airport but now a beautiful recreational area and the perfect place to have a picnic and hang out after the tour! Afterwards we will escort you back to the bike shop to deliver back the bikes.

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Green Bike Tours

  • Blücherstraße 16
  • D-10961 Berlin
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