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Park am Gleisdreieck - a green band from Schöneberger Südgelände to Potsdamer Platz


The post-war wasteland behind the Bülow Arch ended at the southern edge of Potsdamer Platz. Until the end of 1945, the Potsdamer Platz and Anhalter Güterbahnhof were located here, both of which became more and more of a wilderness-like wasteland during the Cold War. In the course of discussions with citizens, the area was transformed into a park for Berliners of all ages with a wide range of leisure and sports activities. The edge of the park has recently been equipped with numerous lofts and apartments. The allotment garden colony of the former Reichsbahn employees has been preserved.


  • Regensburger Straße 25/1
  • D-10777 Berlin
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