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art:berlin - Who is Who - Berlin's celebrities at the Dorotheenstädt Friedrichswerder Cemetery


Heiner Müller, Bert Brecht, Ruth Berghaus, Fritz Teufel, Johannes Rau, Günter Gaus, Bärbel Bohley and Christa Wolf lie here side by side. But Karl Friedrich Schinkel, August Borsig and Ernst Litfass were also laid to rest here.

A tour of this cemetery will introduce you to many great minds, artists, scientists and politicians from Berlin's recent past.

The cemetery has a lot to offer in terms of art history: Gravestone art from 250 years can be explored here in the smallest of spaces. Iron grave crosses from the time of the wars of liberation, monuments designed by Schinkel, a very special ashtray and a tomb made of colourful glazed bricks with a sad story await our visit. Many of the people buried here took care of their dwelling in the afterlife while they were still alive.

The Dorotheenstädtische Friedhof is not a museum. Please bear in mind that it may not be possible to visit all of the graves mentioned during funeral services.


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