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art:berlin - Literary Schöneberg - Ramblings from 1900 to 1945


Visit the bohemia of the "Golden 20s" in the so-called "New West". Come with us to original locations, legendary literary meeting places, places where authors lived and worked.

From Winterfeldtplatz to Nollendorfplatz, actor E. Hoffmann takes us to 18 historic locations. You will visit the former "Piscator Bühne", the "Nollendorf Casino" and the "Schöne Unbekannte vom Nollendorfplatz". On site, Hoffmann recites prose, poetry and essays: by Alfred Kerr, Ernst Weiß, Hans Fallada, Paul Scheerbart, Ernst Toller and many others.

"Lemke's Blessed Widow" by Erdmann Gräser transports us to the old Berlin of the 19th century. Excerpts from the Göbbels speech at the former sports palace remind us of the Nazi regime's raw claim to power. "Woman and Socialism" by August Bebel will surprise you in its topicality.

Discover forgotten places and listen to the traces of a living past.


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