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art:berlin - Design Magnet Potsdamer Street


Berlin a "City of Design", is that a deserved title? At least our unique design city tour can go into its twelfth round with no end of material to show you the current design happenings of this city and also its historical traces in changing quarters. Let us now take you around Schöneberg's main shopping street to places worth seeing, where high quality product design is sold and used, even designed and produced. Here, the diversity between handicraft and industrial design meets an everyday public that is increasingly interested in the origin of its used goods. We introduce you to the producers and the selection of traders and provide an insight into the relevance of good design for everyone's everyday life. For who would not have a constant need for the use of material culture, did not develop special preferences for textiles, metal, glass or porcelain? But one knows little concrete about quality and selection criteria as long as the backgrounds to the designs remain unknown. Look forward to meeting the designers in their workshops, where, for example, contemporary furniture, fashion and typographic designs are created in the heart of Berlin.

in cooperation with the Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design 


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  • Bessemerstraße 22
  • D-12101 Berlin
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