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art:berlin - Charlottenburg: The proud second


Typical Berlin: Charlottenburg developed from meadows, water areas, mire and a small village, proud like its royal namesake Sophie Charlotte. Its incorporation in 1920 was correspondingly unloved - the rise to City West after the Second World War thus became a kind of redemption. The guided tour tells the story of the development from village to residence to big city and fashionable West after 1900, from the Charlottengrad of the 1920s and the post-war period to the present day. From the town hall to the old village centre, past the few remaining 18th-century town houses through the former old town to the palace, through the former workers' district to the upper middle-class neighbourhoods - and of course to the Kudamm and the Memorial Church.

incl. S-Bahn journey (short distance; BVG ticket required)

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