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Every association event lives from the members’ exchange of experience and knowledge and the right location to encourage these synergies. At the same time, associations know the importance of flexible content design, integrating new event formats and association trends, and the value of professional event services. We offer you insights into tips and trends as well as a customised service to ensure your seminar, committee meeting, general assembly or conference is the success you envisaged.

Assocations also profit from innovative formats

Interactive event formats are the latest trend. The classic events usually revolve around standard ‘top down’ communication. Increasingly, they are being supplemented or replaced by innovative event formats. And rightly so, since today’s event formats promote information sharing in a more informal surround. Here, we are presenting six modern event formats offering effective options for new models of interaction and communication.

Business meetings in exchange with laptop and notes GettyImages, Foto: littlehenrabi

Interactive Forum

Nomen est omen: Rotation between lectures, workshops, discussions for independent discussion of contents.

Businessman uses his finger to operate the screen of the world map demonstrating networking GettyImages, Foto: Busakorn Pongparnit

Multisite Conference

One event – a diversity of venues. Networked by cutting edge technology, attendees experience knowledge flows in a concentrated form.

Multicultural team meeting in a bright office with open discussion GettyImages, Foto: Maskot

Co-Working Conference

Bringing workplace, office time and topics into the mix to create a framework for intensive cooperation.

Finger moves the button from digital to analog GettyImages, Foto: Pxel66

Unplugged Conference

The ‘analogue’ conference is the preferred choice when confidentiality and the security of internal information are high on the agenda.

People connect online and with interactive touch screen devices GettyImages, Foto: elenabs

Hybrid Conference

A framework without a rigid frame - Exchanges on a personal level, in digital meeting spaces, by video conference or in other diverse ways.

Virtual business handshake becomes real GettyImages, Foto: funfunphoto

Virtual goes live

Online, online, online – but not a geek skills contest, but an event format for modern associations.

Tips & Tricks for perfect event planning

Every association event is only as good as its planning and preparation. Our event planning and association planning services provide neutral and objective information to support you from the very start. Here a few tips in advance:

  • Cleary formulated SMART goals help you track your progress and measure your event’s success.

  • A six-month lead time is advisable in any case to avoid unnecessary stress and allow for unexpected setbacks.

  • Make your draft costs projection as transparent and precise as possible. Calculate in a contingency buffer to cope with those unanticipated costs which nearly always occur.

  • Define in advance all the tasks and, if necessary, delegate them internally or to external service providers.

  • Professional attendee management plays a significant part in conserving your resources and achieving your targets for participant figures.

  • Plan your choice of date strategically with other events in the sector in mind so you can tap into possible synergies.

  • Compile accurate setup, realisation and responsibility schedules to support your event’s success – and remember to add contact phone numbers!

  • Allow enough time for setup and trial run-throughs.

  • At events relying on digital communication, check that the WiFi signals are solid and can cope with the expected usage peaks.

  • When one event closes, the next is already being planned. Take the time for proper follow up and identify possible improvements.

Ideas, trends & highlights

As an association, your classic format events have produced good results – but you’d still like to integrate a more interactive and modern approach. Then why not enrich your event by selectively adding new elements? Here, it is well worth taking a look at current trends in the event sector – and perhaps you’ll find something suitable for your own association event!

Interactive business meeting in a relaxed atmosphere with plants in the background GettyImages, Foto: Morsa Images

"Fuckup Nights"

What can you learn from failure? Quite a lot! Fuckup Nights celebrate failure for the insights it brings. After all, failure is what we learn from!

Hand drawing of an illumination on a black board GettyImages, Foto: mikroman6

Graphic Recording

A picture says more than a thousand words – an event’s ideas and content are visualised in real time as cartoon-style graphics.

Team dances as warm-up in the office with an instructive moderator visitBerlin, Foto: German Convention Bureau/GCB


Attendees can find long events fatiguing. Energisers provide a welcome change of pace, raising energy levels for the next sessions.

Silhouette of snorkeler on the surface of the ocean GettyImages, Foto: Michael Zeigler

Workshops & Deep Dive Sessions

Fully immersed in the topics in small groups – ideal for concentrating on core issues and generating innovative ideas.

Mobile reporting during an event with live transmission GettyImages, Foto: Photographer is my life

Mobile Reporting

Quickly know what just happened: A fast way of communicating the key findings and results of your event.

Patricipants enjoying dessert at the Berlin MICE Summit 2016 Uwe Steinert

Events within events

When attendees need to focus on the flow of information, the right kind of diversion can refresh minds and enhance concentration levels.

Enthusiasm through interaction

You can actively involve your attendees in your event in many different ways. Involvement not only heightens their engagement, but promotes interaction – making the entire event more enjoyable and productive. And what’s more, it can be done without any great technical expertise.

People raise their hands for interactive exchange and to ask questions Getty Images, Foto: PeopleImages

Surveys / Q&A Tools

Dialogue rather than monologue. Let your guests asks questions, give answers or provide impulses for your event.

Woman looks at her smartphone with mobile app "100 years Bauhaus" visitBerlin

Event Apps

Send the key information to your attendees’ smartphones and give them a chance to network.

Business people use their smartphone at a conference to receive messages GettyImages, Foto: Caiaimage/TomMerton

Social Media / Social Wall

Actively use your social media channels on site. The aura of a catchy #hashtag lasts long after the event is over.

Business colleagues working in portable office truck surrounded by trees GettyImages, Foto: Maskot

Sustainability and green meetings

Sustainability is gaining in importance – everywhere. In their roles as pioneers, motivators and multipliers, growing numbers of associations are designing and realising sustainable and eco-friendly events.

More information

Attendee management made easy

Still using Outlook and Excel for your invitation and attendee management? Today, you can find far simpler solutions. You can choose between a range of online tools supporting efficient, simple and time-saving attendee management for association events.

More information
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