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From February 1 to 5, 2023 transmediale presents the 36th edition of the festival at the Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg.

Taking place over four days, and in-person again, transmediale returns to its unique festival mode. The 2023 festival edition – a model, a map, a fiction – will transform the Akademie der Künste into a space of discussion and workshops, with exhibitions, performances, and film sprawling across the venue.

Expanding on the core festival days, transmediale presents the distributed, citywide exhibition Out of Scale. Merging theoretical discourse with social conversations and artistic interventions, the festival will explore how technological scale creates relations and fractures in the world, transferring images through history and across political contexts. transmediale 2023 will create conversations, actions, and participation to unfold around ideas of scale, its effect, and instrumentalisation.

a model, a map, a fiction

We are drowning in images and the multiplying realities they create. Models, maps, and fictions about the world are rendered to handheld screens as meanings are scaled and distributed across data servers, network cables, render farms, 3D assets, and automated algorithms.
Calculation and its many biases have made the world computable yet push and pull our affections and politics through infrastructures and logistics, flattening us into tokenized transactions along the way.

Computation is the New OpticsNew Optics.

Or so it seems. Discreet surveillance systems, hidden labour, logistics, infrastructure, and networks of automated images make up technical conditions of perception, operating upon the very material fabric of the world. Relations, politics, and feelings have scaled out of sync, leaving unstable mis/representations at the surface of screens. As these many fragile realities risk further degradation and collapse, what role can scale play in altering what is mapped and measured?

The 2023 edition of transmediale festival explores the impact of living in the aftermath of the post-digital and how technological scale sets conditions for relations, feelings, democratic processes, and infrastructures.
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin