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When the heavens were still a divine construction of interlocking shells, composers listened to this order as music of the spheres.

Since Einstein, the universe has been transforming more and more from the big bang into chaos - the second law of thermodynamics applies. The fact that this sounds surprisingly different from white noise is played with by the Resident Music Collective, 15 Berlin musicians from many of the world's musical cultures.

Inspired by scenes from the exhibition "un_endlich. Living with Death", the artists transform scenes such as "In the end, we are all stardust", "The World Conference of Death" and "The Cabinet of Species" into melodies, rhythms and harmonies on their instruments ranging from the non-contact theremin to the West African balafon.

In keeping with Easter, i.e. the beginning of spring, visitors are invited to a concert experience that is as entertaining as it is thrilling. The conductor is Clemens Rynkowski.

- Hall 1, ground floor
- from 6 years
- Price: 12,00 EUR / 6,00 EUR. Advance booking follows.
- Wheelchair accessible


  • 07 Apr

    19:00 o'clock

  • 08 Apr

    19:00 o'clock

Humboldt Forum: Saal 1, Schloßplatz, 10178 Berlin