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Robbie Williams

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When Robbie William's new album "XXV" was released in September 2022, you realized abruptly: it's been a damn near 25 years since he left Take That behind and, after a wild start, suddenly became one of Europe's biggest solo pop stars.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams has sold more than 85 million albums around the world, landed with 13 of his albums at No. 1 in the UK, something previously achieved only Elvis. He holds the record for the "most tickets sold in one day by an artist" (1.6 million) since November 2005 and has played live at Knebworth in front of 375,000 people.

This means he has far outstripped Take That and his ex-colleagues, which may have played a small part in the decision to bring Williams back on board later. But those are all just numbers.

What really underscores his greatness are his continuous releases of global hits such as: "Angels", "Feel", "Rock DJ", "She's The One" and of course "Let Me Entertain You" - the statement of Robbie Williams that has become a song. 

On "XXV" Robbie Williams now jumps once again into his complete discography.

With everything he has and with a fantastic orchestral sound - which plays arrangements of experts and companions Jules Buckley, Guy Chambers and Steve Sidwel. Williams himself says he has "re-worked, re-imagined, and re-loved" his songs.

He says he was especially attracted to the fact that he had to compete "with his much younger self" on the new recordings. But that would have spurred him on even more. 

The songs range from the aforementioned world hits, to fairly new pieces like "Lost", which was written just last fall and means a lot to him personally.

We are very happy that Robbie Williams will perform this very special complete album live. And of course he will do so in Germany - where he has always been at least as beloved as in his British homeland.


  • 20 Feb

    20:00 o'clock

  • 21 Feb

    20:00 o'clock

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Mercedes-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin