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paper positions Berlin

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From April 25 to 28 2024 selected international galleries will show their most important positions from contemporary and modern art with a focus on the material paper.

paper positions berlin will take place for the eight time during Gallery Weekend Berlin, this year again in the impressive atrium of the former telegraph office in Berlin-Mitte.

Drawings, collages, silhouettes, texts, photographs, artists' books and objects will be on display in an open exhibition format.

The theme of drawing and the medium of paper with all its specific characteristics, its fragility and its enormous versatility are the focus of the exhibition concept of papaer positions, which is entirely tailored to the mostly sensitive exhibits.

Galleries 2024

  • Amagats. Barcelona
  • AOA;87 Gallery. Berlin
  • Artbase. Wiesbaden
  • Asr Art Gallery. Tehran
  • Augsburg Contemporary. augsburg
  • Biesenbach Gallery. Cologne
  • bodix.contemporary. Stuttgart
  • Galeria Caicoya. Oviedo
  • Gallery Commeter. Hamburg
  • Conrad's Gallery. Berlin
  • Container Gallery. Tbilisi
  • Cut Art Gallery. Riga
  • DavisKlemmGallery. Wiesbaden
  • Horst Dietrich Gallery. Berlin
  • Gallery & Art Dealer Draheim. Eltville
  • Drawing Room Hamburg. Hamburg
  • Ricarda Fox Gallery. Mühlheim
  • Gallery Elisabeth & Reinhard Hauff. Stuttgart
  • Carolyn Heinz Gallery. Hamburg
  • edition & gallery hoffmann. Friedberg
  • Holthoff Gallery. Hamburg
  • Gallery intershop. Leipzig
  • Jarmuschek+Partner. Berlin
  • JB Finearts. Hamburg
  • Jordanow Gallery. Munich
  • Felix Jud art trade. Hamburg
  • Werner Klein Gallery. Cologne
  • Gallery Inga Kondeyne. Berlin
  • Kremers Gallery. Berlin
  • Kunkel Fine Art. Munich
  • Gallery Leuenroth. Frankfurt
  • Jörg Maaß art trade. Berlin
  • Maksla XO. Riga, Latvia
  • Martin Mertens Gallery. Berlin
  • mianki.Gallery. Berlin
  • Micheko Gallery. Munich
  • Molski Gallery & Collection. poses
  • Moving Gallery. Utrecht
  • Dr. Nöth art trade + gallery. Potsdam
  • OGallery. Tehran
  • Gallery Rupert Pfab. Dusseldorf
  • Nanna Preußner's gallery. Hamburg
  • RK Contemporary. Riebeek Kasteel
  • Thole Rotermund art trade. Hamburg
  • Mikiko Sato Gallery. Hamburg
  • Schenk.Modern. Munich
  • SMUDAJESCHECK Gallery. Munich
  • YES. Stargardt. Berlin
  • Gallery Heike Strelow. Frankfurt
  • Tempesta Gallery. Milan
  • Gallery Thomassen. Gothenburg
  • Olivier von Schulthess Collection. Zurich
  • Wichtendahl Gallery. Berlin
  • gallery with tsjalling:. Groningen


  • Hand screen printing editions. Berlin
  • House of Paper. Berlin
  • Katharina Hinsberg (paper positions award)

About the location

Significant building of Berlin's postal and industrial history as an event location.

The approximately 1000 square meter hall in the capital representative office of Deutsche Telekom provides paper positions Berlin with ideal conditions for the implementation of its trade fair concept.

At the end of the 19th century, more than 300 telegraphs were located in the hall, which architecturally borrowed from the Venetian Renaissance. In 1878, the building complex was expanded to become the Imperial Main Telegraph Office in the course of the unification of postal and telegraph services.

Even after the renovation, the original ceiling construction with its glass ceiling supported by cast-iron columns has been preserved, giving the spacious room an airy and relaxed salon-like atmosphere with bright daylight.

The trade fair location is in the heart of historic Berlin.


  • 26 Apr

    14:00 o'clock

  • 27 Apr

    11:00 o'clock

  • 28 Apr

    11:00 o'clock

Deutsche Telekom AG - Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, Französische Straße 33C, 10117 Berlin

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