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MetropolCon 2023 is a multimedia event that aims to bring together the three major speculative genres. Science fiction, fantasy and horror will be presented, celebrated, discussed, and analyzed in all their shapes and forms. While MetropolCon is rooted in the classic convention format, thriving to this day with its separate fandoms and target audiences, we want to forge new paths and show speculative fiction in its engaging entirety. 

No longer nerdy or niche, but rather ubiquitous: Speculative writing and thinking – “the fantastic” – has had an increasingly significant influence on literature, film, TV, games, art & music, science & research. One that transcends former boundaries and shatters them.

A new era also calls for new forms of exchange, new meeting places and platforms for dealing with fictional futures, real fears, and the dazzling possibilities of our imagination(s). 

MetropolCon 2023 will bring all of you together: new and experienced con-goers, self-published writers and publishing houses, readers and gamers, indie studios and major players, streamers and influencers, artists, scientists and researchers, cosplayers, LARP and RPG aficionados, specialist audiences and fandoms – simply put: everyone interested in the speculative, the weird and the wonderful.

This mix of conference, festival and fair of ideas is organized by the registered, non-profit association L.O.K.I. e.V.  Details about the program will follow; there will be both German- and English-language program items. 

silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin