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The LAST MILE CITY LOGISTICS trade fair in Berlin, or LMCL for short, is an event and conference format for inspiration, solutions, strategies and operational business on the last logistics mile.

The above-average growth in online retail, the increase in order frequency, smaller shipment sizes and customer demands such as fast delivery times are leading to an ever-increasing growth in shipments and trips for the inner-city transport of goods in tight quarters and commercial areas. The resulting large increase in delivery traffic is straining the public infrastructure where most commercial transportation destinations are located.

At LAST MILE CITY LOGISTICS Messe Berlin, you will learn everything about sustainability, environmental impact, innovations, digital evolution, future tasks, and all about costs and development.

LAST MILE CITY LOGISTICS in Berlin offers the unique live platform for providers and users of logistics solutions, concepts and strategies for the delivery of goods, commodities and services - especially on the so-called last mile.


  • 28 Jun

    11:00 o'clock

  • 29 Jun

    11:00 o'clock

Motorwerk, An der Industriebahn 12, 13088 Berlin