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Jane Birkin

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Singer, songwriter, actress, model, mother and style icon - Jane Mallory Birkin is a British bundle of energy, and as active as ever at the age of 75. When you hear her name, the first two things that come to mind for most are the song "Je t'aime ... moi non plus", which was banned by the Vatican and which she recorded with her partner Serge Gainsbourg back then, and a particularly expensive handbag. But Jane Birkin is much more than that.

In February 2021, Jane Birkin added yet another album to her already extensive discography, entitled "Oh! Pardon tu dormais..." ("Oh! Sorry, you were still asleep ..."). Twelve years after the release of her last album, Jane Birkin's most intimate album to date was created in collaboration with Etienne Daho and Jean-Louis Piérot. Birkin herself co-wrote each of her 18 songs on this new album.

In 2021, she toured France with this album until she suffered a mild stroke in September and the dates had to be postponed. Currently, these dates are being made up in France and fortunately new dates have been added in Germany!


  • 29 Mar

    20:00 o'clock