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Is there life after death? What is a good death? Are we all equal in the face of death? Am I morally responsible for the deaths of others? How do we find comfort? What will remain of me and what world will we leave behind for future generations?

The next major program cluster in the Humboldt Forum provides an opportunity for visitors to reflect in depth on death. As mortals, humans enter the world stage for a temporary guest appearance. In an exhibition, narrated as a drama in five acts, as well as in the educational and event program, visitors encounter manifold imaginings of death and are confronted with issues that go unaddressed in everyday life.

Our relationship to death is individual and yet it connects us with people of all places and times. Funeral and memorial rituals are tremendously diverse and yet an expression of a cultural foundation common to all of humankind. And our relationship to death extends far beyond humanity, given the mass extinctions of species for which humans are responsible.

This program cluster would like to help expand the way we see ourselves and the world and, in doing so, it exemplifies the concept of the Humboldt Forum as a place for exchange and debate, a place that allows for contradictions, a place of diversity, critical reflection and dialogue for a wide audience. 

- Location: Special exhibition area 1, groundfloor
- Language: German/English


  • 25 Nov

    10:30 o'clock

  • 26 Nov

    10:30 o'clock

Humboldt Forum, Schloßplatz, 10178 Berlin