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Hybrid specialist day “Power & Gender”

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To mark the 10th anniversary of meintestgelaende - the project of the BAG Boys*work and the BAG Girls*politics - the symposium presents young meinTestgelände authors, takes a look at the work so far and the successes of the project and focuses on the lectures legal questions about these changes in the law.

The aim of the Self-Determination Act and the reformulation of the equality mandate in Section 9 SGB VIII (KJSG), which calls for young people of all genders and with and without disabilities to be taken into account, was to improve the legal situation of children and young people.

What exactly will change as a result of the new laws? How can professionals use the law to adequately support young people of all genders? And how do young people themselves see these developments? The specialist day provides answers and an opportunity for discussions.

Also present: Minister Lisa Paus, State Secretary Sven Lehmann, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lembke, Maya Goltermann, Jenny Wilken, Fee, Sir Mantis and Haszcara! Moderator: Jamie Watson

Registration is possible by October 9th. necessary.


  • 16 Oct

    10:00 o'clock

Konferenzzentrum, Mauerstraße 27, 10117 Berlin