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German Rum Festival

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The GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL is one of the most important events in the world in the area of rum, rhum & cachaca and has been attracting thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world for 11 years now.

German Rum Festival

With more than 70 stands, over 150 brands and therefore over 500 different bottlings, it was shown again in 2022 that rum is not only fascinating and extraordinary, but also the most diverse spirit in the world.

All visitors, be they beginners, enthusiasts or connoisseurs, can discover something that is right for them. In addition to the numerous stands, the thirst for knowledge is quenched with tastings and master classes. The various lectures not only cover taste, but also cover production processes, barrel aging and ecological topics. The opportunity to exchange ideas with master distillers, producers and owners is not only available on stage, but also off stage.

This is what awaits you at the GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL:

• European premieres
• Special bottlings only for the GRF
• Rum from all over the world, including Germany
• Taste mixed from Panama to popcorn
• Tasting program with over 30 different topics
• Food pairing


The GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL was launched in 2010 and over the years it has developed into the world's largest trade fair for sugar cane distillates. The GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL is aimed at end consumers who have special demands for enjoyment and quality. Professionals from the catering and retail sectors get an overview of brands, products and trends here.

When Dirk Becker organized the first festival, his main aim was to share his passion and bring the spirit rum out of its shadowy existence and bring it closer to connoisseurs again. Rum was once widespread and popular in Germany and Europe, but was then replaced by whiskey in the 1950s and was somewhat forgotten. Therefore, it was anything but natural to organize such a trade fair and required not only a willingness to take risks but also a lot of persuasion and perseverance.

Today, more than a decade later, the view of the world of rum has fundamentally changed and a huge fan base and a large market have emerged. Large and traditional brands have created new bottlings, but above all many new, ambitious independent bottlers have appeared on the scene with interesting products. And here too there is a clear trend away from the mainstream towards questions of sustainability, handcrafted production and the promotion of regional characteristics and peculiarities.
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