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German Football Association Cup Final live in Berlin - 25. May 2024

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Football fans from all over Germany are hoping their team will play in Berlin in May. Each year, the DFB Cup Final attracts thousands of people to the capital. The DFB Cup Final – Germany's largest football extravaganza crowns the football season each year

When the DFB Cup Final takes place in Berlin on 25. May 2024, the entire city will be immersed in football fever. For the two finalists, this match at the Olympic Stadium represents the highlight of the season. A match that they have fought long and hard for. Discover today what the teams are up against when they run, fight, and compete in five rounds of matches and book your tickets to Berlin for the DFB Cup Final.

A sporting classic since 1985

Since the DFB Cup Final found its permanent venue at the Olympic Stadium in 1985, football fans from all over Germany have been flocking to Berlin every May. During the first main round of the DFB Cup you will therefore already hear the well-known cry ringing out through the stadiums: “Berlin, Berlin, we're going to Berlin!”.

The cup final game, which is full of surprises and victories by apparent outsiders, particularly lives from the dream that, with a bit of luck, any team could be the one to lift the trophy. Regardless of whether it’s a favourite or outsider, the final always promises a gripping and highly exciting game of football brimming with emotion and an overjoyed winning team at the end.


  • 25 May

    20:00 o'clock

Olympiastadion Berlin, Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin

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