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CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams

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CAVALLUNA invites young and old to marvel! Europe's most popular horse show makes a guest appearance again in the Berlin Mercedes-Benz Arena from 28 - 29 January 2024.

Let yourself be carried away into an incredible world on the Asian continent when you visit "CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams". You will experience beautiful horses, highest horsemanship, overwhelming shows and soulful music - embedded in a fantastic story.

As always at CAVALLUNA, the four-legged stars are at the center of the magnificent show.
They enchant the spectators together with their riders, talented dancers and accompanied by breathtaking light effects. Beauty, naturalness and deep emotions are transported in every scene. All this makes CAVALLUNA an unforgettable and unique experience.

The story "CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams"

"CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams" tells a fabulous and adventurous story:
Yuen, was born with rare blue eyes, which was considered a sign of special talents. Because of her origin, she is pursued by the evil royal advisor Merl and his henchmen.

On the run, she learns about the distant Land of a Thousand Dreams, where everyone can realize themselves and live out talents. Her search for this mystical place leads her to a Shaolin master, kung-fu fighters and a horse whisperer.
But her pursuers are always close on her heels. Will she manage to reach the fabled Land of a Thousand Dreams?

Experience spectacular horsemanship, impressive dance choreography and incredible effects against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes and mystical places, accompanied by dreamlike music!

Popular stars and new faces

The new show also features the most popular riding teams from all over Europe:
Whether high-class dressage performances by the Portuguese team around Luis Valença, action-packed trick riding by the French Hasta Luego Academy, dreamlike liberty dressage by audience favorite Bartolo Messina or the fast-paced Hungarian post by the exceptional Italian talent Diego Giona.

With CAVALLUNA - country of the thousand dreams popular star inspires again the public with their unusual being able. But also new faces will show what they and their beautiful horses are capable of!
For example, the Spaniard Alejandro Barrionuevo will be represented in the role of the villain Merl with impressive shows, as well as the German Equipe Pfeifer, who will captivate young and old with incomparable fire effects and fast-paced female power!

Creative director Klaus Hillebrecht, who was already responsible for the successful tours "World of Fantasy", "Legend of the Desert" and "Secret of Eternity", is also responsible for "CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams" as author, composer and director of the show.

Visit Europe's most popular horse show and be thrilled by a fantastic story and colorful shows. Come along on an adventurous journey through Asia!

Experience exciting action, deep trust and pure passion for horses!

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  • Saturday, 27JAN 2024, 14:00 h
  • Saturday, 27JAN 2024, 19:00 h
  • Sunday, 28JAN 2024, 13:00 h
  • Sunday, 28JAN 2024, 17:30 h


  • 27 Jan

    14:00 o'clock

  • 27 Jan

    19:00 o'clock

  • 28 Jan

    13:00 o'clock

  • 28 Jan

    17:30 o'clock

Mercedes-Benz Arena, Mercedes-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin