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Berlin Science Week is a 10-day international festival between November 1 and 10, 2023 that brings together people from the most innovative scientific organizations from around the world to celebrate science and build bridges between the local and international science community, as well as the interested public.

Year after year, Berlin Science Week brings together outstanding organizations to share their work and knowledge through field trips, workshops, panel discussions, science slams, hackathons, meet-ups, keynotes, and many more activities.

Berlin Science Week CAMPUS

CAMPUS, the festival center in the spectacular Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, has become a permanent fixture of the festival. In 2023, events, debates, workshops and experiments will again take place at this venue.

The motto of CAMPUS 2023 is "Dare to Know: Our Narratives, Our Future." The focus: international exchange and the promotion of engagement and networking opportunities.

FORUM Art & Science

For the first time, Holzmarkt 25 will open a second Berlin Science Week location, the Art & Science FORUM.
Art installations, performances and exhibitions will come together to showcase the wonderful potential of combining creativity and scientific rigor under the motto "Dare to Know: Creative Science, Precise Art".

Meet more than 500 scientists, innovators, and thought leaders at more than 200 events - on-site or, in some cases, digitally!

Be inspired by scientific breakthroughs, meet the brightest minds and participate in discussions, workshops and many other activities - and let's celebrate science together!

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