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55 years Berlin TV tower

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On 3 October 2024, the Berlin TV Tower on Alexanderplatz will be 55 years old. On the anniversary day, which coincides with the Day of German Unity, visitors can look forward to a special birthday programme.

The tower's anniversary is based on the date of the official inauguration of the striking building on 3 October 1969.
At the time, the Berlin television tower was not only intended as a radio base, but was also a symbol of the emerging state in the Soviet occupation zone.

From being a prestige building in the East German capital, the Berlin TV Tower has long since become an icon of the metropolis of Berlin.

It is a symbol of Berlin as a whole, an architectural monument, a tourist magnet and an attraction full of attractive programmes throughout the year.

Details of the birthday programme will follow.


  • 03 Oct

    10:00 o'clock