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33. dagnä-Workshop

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The dagnä workshop is the annual meeting of the German Working Group of Outpatient Physicians for Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine e. V. and at the same time their most extensive and most important training event.

The advanced training event for HIV doctors and outpatient infectiologists in Germany comprehensively picks up on current affairs and news from HIV medicine and infectiology.

The annual general meeting also takes place as part of the workshop. Plenary lectures on the current status of diagnostics and therapy for HIV/AIDS, the spectrum of concomitant diseases as well as health and socio-political aspects are offered for around 350 participants.

In addition, various parallel seminars take place, in which some key topics can be deepened. The program is flanked, for example, by further training courses from the Academy for Infection Medicine and further training offers for medical specialists. In addition, the dagnä workshop is used for meetings and meetings, e.g. of the DAIG, the HIV/AIDS competence network or various guideline groups.


  • 01 Sep

    09:00 o'clock

  • 02 Sep

    09:00 o'clock

Spreespeicher, Stralauer Allee 2, 10245 Berlin