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7 Speaker

Silke Leinweber


"The digital transformation revolutionizes the event industry and offers new opportunities!"

  • Society, Innovation

Christiane Schulz


"Trust can’t be bought, you must earn it."

  • Society, Innovation, Politics, Economy, Science

Awid Vahedi

Coaching, Keynote

"I help others find what really drives them! For more meaning & impact in this world."

  • Society, Innovation, Economy, Science

Katie Gallus


„Nichts ist spannender als die Zukunft - und wie wir Menschen sie in unterschiedlichen Farben gestalten. In Berlin treffen verschiedene Blickwinkel aufeinander. Da möchte ich nachhaken!“

  • Society, Innovation, Politics, Science

Sven Krüger

Coaching, Keynote

"Berlin is the digital start-up epicentre of Germany and the most exciting mix of internationality, culture, politics, history, nightlife... Everything goes here! Except carnival."

  • Society, Innovation, Economy, Science

Alicia Sophia Hinon

Coaching, Keynote

"Digital technologies can be used sustainable and for the benefit of all. Let me show you how it works!"

  • Society, Innovation, Economy

Tim Florian Horn


Tim Florian Horn is the founding director of the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin and also director of the Zeiss Großplanetarium and the Archenhold-Sternwarte. After studying multimedia productio ...

  • Society, Innovation, Science