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Event location

The rough character of the 1950s production hall combined with the remnants of the creative underground scene meet in the VOLLGUTLAGER and make up its special charm. We consciously maintain and preserve this character. The great flexibility of the room is the playground for your creativity. For a professional implementation of events, the infrastructure has been adapted to the needs of a modern meeting place. 

Use Vollgutlager's urban style to authentically position your event and present your guests with an exciting #Instagrammable venue that breathes the vibe of the creative off-culture that Berlin is internationally known for.


Commitment to sustainability

We consider it forward-looking to use vacant spaces as event locations to make them accessible to society again. This brings more life to vacant spaces and increases their appeal both in the immediate neighborhood and beyond. When developing these spaces, we attach great importance to the effective use of resources, as we are aware of the fleeting nature of existing resources. Building measures that are necessary for safety reasons or legal requirements are prioritized, whereby we only want to discreetly differ visually from the original condition of the building. We budget with what the site offers us and invest in such a way that Golden Box is made permanently viable. This involves a process of determining the right balance between preservation and change in use.

Conference rooms

  • max. room dimension up to 1,100m²
  • 2 Event spaces total
  • max. room height up to 7.5m
  • Exhibition space from 1,200 to 1,200m²
  • suitable for up to 1,200 participants
Name 360° Room area Room height Welcome reception Banquet Classroom Arrange seating in rows Arrange seating in u form
Hauptraum VOLLGUTLAGER n.a. n.a. 1,100m² 7.46m 1,100 500 n.a. 600 n.a.

Equipment in event spaces

  • Accessible
  • Air conditioned
  • Full darkness
  • In-house technical personnel
  • Natural light
  • WiFi in event spaces

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Location & Connection

Rollbergstr. 26,  D-12053 Berlin,  Neukölln

Do you have any questions? We are your contact - The visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office