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Event location

BAR JEDER VERNUNFT, a dreamy oasis in the heart of Berlin, a “mirror tent” that is nondescript from the outside but a glittering festival on the inside where the innumerable small and large mirrors magnify this intimate venue into a boundless and magical world where anything seems possible! 

The mirror tent is stage for the crème de la crème of the smaller-scale performing arts – chansons, comedy and other intelligent entertainment of a cabaret ilk. We not only enchant the eyes and ears of our public but their palates as well with our fresh and tasteful in-house gastronomy.


You can enjoy the special ambience of our unique location not only as a guest, but as the evening’s host. The BAR JEDER VERNUNFT has proved over the years to be an extremely versatile venue. You can invite your guests to take their place at our elegantly and lovingly set tables, either on the parquet or in the loggias, for a whole variety of occasions. In addition to the event space, you can also use our open foyer or pleasant beer garden to welcome your guests. No matter whether you are organising a press conference with stand-up reception or a gala dinner with show programme, the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT is suitable for almost any type of event.

We offer space, ideas and organisational know-how. Our technical equipment meets the most modern requirements and provides everything you need. The given technical situation at the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT makes it easy to adapt the location in a very short time to very different events, from an evening of dance with an orchestra and a circular dance floor to musical performances like CABARET. The special mixture of tasty, fresh cuisine and high-quality artistic entertainment in an exceptional ambience make every event an unforgettable occasion.

Conference rooms

  • max. room dimension up to 200m²
  • 1 Event space total
  • max. room height up to 5.5m
  • Exhibition space from 0 to 250m²
  • suitable for up to 300 participants

Equipment in event spaces

  • Accessible
  • Air conditioned
  • Audio system
  • Fixed stage
  • Full darkness
  • In-house technical personnel

Location & Connection

Schaperstraße 24,  D-10719 Berlin,  Wilmersdorf

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