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Virtual chocolate tasting


A digital event that everyone loves! 

Remote work and decentralized offices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Digital team events, virtual onboarding of employees or kick-off events with customers, even virtual company celebrations are a great way to involve colleagues from all over the world.

Theyo creates unique experiences with its virtual chocolate tastings, which strengthen the team spirit despite the physical distance. With us as certified chocolate experts, you go on a digital taste excursion through the exciting world of fine chocolate. Equipped with a chocolate box full of fairly and sustainably produced chocolates, we will turn you and your team into professional chocolate tasters in our 60 to 90-minute digital events! We will give you a brief introduction to the world of fine chocolate and provide you with background knowledge as well as tips and tricks on how to enjoy chocolate properly. 

The team event is anything but a frontal presentation: surveys, quizzes and Q&A sessions make the tasting an interactive chocolate experience. 

During the digital team event, which can be held in English or German, you will learn: 

- How chocolate is made and what role sustainability plays in this; 

- What distinguishes fine chocolate from supermarket chocolate; 

- What you should look out for when tasting chocolate; 

- Which other luxury foods can be combined with chocolate;

- Which techniques you can use to taste flavors particularly well. 

Equipped with this new knowledge, we will try the chocolates together, take a look behind the scenes of the individual manufacturers and discover and discuss the exciting flavors and new impressions. In short: we will take you on a very special, chocolaty taste journey!

Instead of an event, how about a tasty gift for customers or employees? You can find more information here.


Our satisfied customers include SAP, Uniper, OSZE, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Telekom, McKinsey, Roche, Babbel, Spotify, BCG, Capgemini, VW Tax, Deutsche Bank, RCKT, Bearing Point, Podigee, Schwäbisch Hall, Targenomix, Deloitte, SumUp, MSG, Camunda, Cimt...

Commitment to sustainability

We only distribute and produce chocolate products that are 100% fair – meaning free of child labor – as well as sustainably grown in permaculture (or similar agro-forestry/regenerative systems). We ensure this through close partnerships with chocolate manufacturers and cocoa farmers who engage in direct trade. Furthermore we are also working to ensure that in the future all of our products are produced in countries of origin – using local raw materials. In this way, a large proportion of revenue is made directly in the countries of origin, instead of in Western countries like usual, which in turn benefits the local economy and contributes to the creation of skilled jobs.

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