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krimimobil – Comedy for Dinner! - Mobile Dinner Whodunit Comedies


We serve you terrific whodunit dinner comedies with a good dose of music and singing. Spiced with lots of love and passion, plenty of wittiness and humour and a pinch of punchy arguments. You are not only involved, but in the middle of it! Extravaganza guaranteed – a dead body, too. All productions are available for mobile booking and can be combined with 4-course menus. Support for location finding in Berlin can be provided.


Press quotes:

“Dying has never been so cheerful!" (Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten)

"Perfect mix of suspense, wit, slapstick and fine dining!" (Gießener Anzeiger)

"I had has been a long time since I laughed so heartily!" (Guestbook entry)

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theatre krimimobil Berlin – Comedy for Dinner!

  • Obentrautstr. 70
  • D-10963 Berlin
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