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art:berlin - Charlottenburg Gallery Tour



Berlin is a city of change, which makes it all the more exciting that some of its districts have retained their importance in the art scene over the centuries. Charlottenburg is one such case. Even though it seems that Charlottenburg has only regained its importance in the art scene in recent years with the arrival of large galleries, the district has always been of interest to artists and gallery owners. For here a very pleasant comfortable life can be combined with art and culture. It is not without reason that the galleries in Charlottenburg North and South are located near the TU, UdK and the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, the Renaissance Theatre and the Bar jeder Vernunft, and it is not without reason that one encounters artists' pubs, artists and actors on the tour of both districts.

In our tour, we take the popular routes and see what can be found off the beaten track. Because in Berlin, it's also the backyards, attics and more that hide collections and gems.

Come along and rediscover the familiar paths with us.

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