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art:berlin - The Bernau Federal School - excursion by bus


The most impressive and almost completely preserved, restored complete project of Bauhäusler is not in Berlin, but at its gates. Take advantage of our new shuttle offer to get to know this unique design achievement of 1930 in the Bernauer Stadtforst regularly once a month exclusively from the inside and outside. On behalf of the General German Trade Union Federation, the Federal Trade Union School was able to be effective here from 1930-33. With its eventful history in architecture and social contribution, the facility has been part of the Bauhaus World Heritage since 2017. The year 2021 is particularly worth the visit, because with a structural addition Bernau strengthens its commitment to the care of the historical situation: in the new UNESCO visitor center, the architectural collaborative work of Hannes Meyers/Hans Wittwer united with their Bauhaus students will also be presented to the public with regard to the regional impact within subsequent generations of designers through informative exhibitions and regular events.  

incl. visit of the Federal School Bernau

bus tour: minimum number of participants 10 // maximum number of participants 20

in cooperation with the Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design


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  • Bessemerstraße 22
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