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As Creative Director & Entrepreneur Awid Vahedi has already gone through various stages in his life & career. From the multimedia launch of a new pick-up truck to the redesign and management of the Café au Lait in Berlin and the establishment of a creation team of a digital agency. As a business coach & speaker, he now shares his experiences & insights with people and companies and helps them systematically build something that both inspires them and leaves a positive impact on this world. 

"I help others find what really drives them! For more meaning & impact in this world."

  • "Growth Mindset" - Speech at the H&M Starting House

  • Several "Find Your Why" workshops for H&M

  • "Retail In Transition" & "Find Your Why" workshop for Payot Paris

  • "Make It Count!" workshop since 2020 

2018 - today:

Business Coach & Speaker

2016 - 2019:

Self-employed Creative Director & Management Consultant

2013 - 2016:

Strategic Planner at Aimaq von Lobenstein & Integr8

  • Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset - Why our mindset decides on the success of companies & teams.
  • Retail in transition - How stationary shops can use the digital change to their advantage.
  • Make It Count! For Teams - Find what drives you and your team! For more meaning & impact in this world.
  • Your Story Is Your Impact! - Teamwork, Leadership & Impact are the result of your story! 
  • Your Next Big Thing! - You and your team want to change the world. Find out what your Next Big Thing is!
  • Get More Done! - Clarity, Focus & Impact for the things that really matter in a team!
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MICE Summit 2020 im WECC
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