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CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride - Christopher Street Day

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Music, party and a good atmosphere - usually one million people protest at the CSD in Berlin for equal rights and the right to self-determination.

In 2023, the CSD will continue to advocate effectively and visibly for LGBTIQ+ rights. Due to the pandemic, this year's form of the demonstration will be in its form will be decided at short notice.
The organizers are again making every effort to hold a larger demo procession and the final manifestation. 

Once again large parts of the speeches are most likely  to be recorded and digitally extended. Thus, in a barrier-free form, for people without participation in the demo, content can be passed on, because not every person wants to be part of a large crowd within the pandemic.

Christopher Street Day, the world's most famous LGBTI* event, takes place in Berlin as CSD Berlin | Berlin Pride every year at the end of July.


  • 22 Jul

    12:00 o'clock

Verschiedene Orte Berlin