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30 Sep '22 2 Oct '22

Bits & Trees Conference

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After the successful first Bits & Trees Conference 2018, the topics of digitalisation and sustainability are more present in our society today than ever before. We are facing major social and global challenges for a just and sustainable shaping of our (surrounding) world. Therefore, we would like to broaden and consolidate the networking of environmental and justice activists, technology experts and human rights activists with the Bits & Trees 2022 conference from 1 to 2 October 2022.

A kick-off event will take place on the evening of 30 September. This also includes the networking of our communities with representatives of socio-ecologically operating small digital companies and founders as well as politicians in order to find concrete solutions for the urgent questions of our time. We want to discuss major political strategies and governance proposals, but also learn from each other on the basis of best practice examples how we can realise climate and environmental protection, social justice, democracy and fundamental rights in the digital age.

Together we want to discuss on panels, in workshops and open spaces:
  • How can digitalisation be shaped in such a way that it contributes to a sustainable and democratic transformation of society?
  • What does a globally, economically, socially and ecologically just future look like in the digitalised world?
  • What can the tech community (bits) and the justice and environmental movement (trees) learn from each other?
  • And how can they as civil society enter into an organised exchange with social-ecological pioneer companies, science and politics?
  • How can we become politically active together?
Have fun at Bits & Trees 2022!
Technische Universität - Hauptgebäude, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin