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17 18 Sep '22

All OPEN: 24-hour opening of the East Wing at the Humboldt Forum 17-18.09.2022

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On 17 September 2022, the opening of the last large section takes place in the Humboldt Forum. The exhibitions of collections of the Ethnologisches Museum und Museum für Asiatische Kunst of the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin can then be experienced in full with around 20,000 exhibits over 16,000 square metres.

The exhibitions in the Humboldt Forum would not have been possible without many years of cooperation and good connections with numerous international collaboration partners. These are therefore the focus of the final opening.

The Humboldt Forum celebrates the opening of the East Wing with a 24-hour programme of concerts, discussions, performances and a club night. After this, it’s ALL OPEN in the Humboldt Forum.

With the opening of the East Wing, all the exhibitions of collections of the Ethnologisches Museum und Museum für Asiatische Kunst of the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, as well as five new temporary exhibition spaces, are finally fully open in the Humboldt Forum.

On display are collections from North America, Central America and South America, as well as the second part of the exhibition of collections from Asia and Africa with special exhibitions of the global diversity of Islam and the historic Kingdom of Benin.

The range of the new exhibitions extends from the collection activities of Norwegian explorer Johan Adrian Jacobsen on the west coast of Canada and indigenous perspectives on the objects in Berlin to the life of things in the Amazon region.

The exhibition area on the global diversity of Islam dazzles with rare objects like an Iranian dervish coat from the 19th century. We also gain insight into the process of the critical appraisal of the Berlin collections from the historic Kingdom of Benin with the world famous “Bronzes”, a substantial proportion of which will be returned to Nigeria shortly.

As is already the case in the West Wing, contemporary art installations that relate directly to or clash with the collections are integrated into the exhibitions in the East Wing. From autumn on, the largest of four showcases on the Americas can also be seen in the exhibition area.

24-hour opening

The opening of the East Wing in the Humboldt Forum is a big think tank and a collective rite of passage for the Ethnologisches Museum und Museum für Asiatische Kunst and its partners. The Humboldt Forum is therefore open 24 hours a day from 17 September.

The first exhibition talks, performances, drop-ins, workshops and film talks start at 12 noon on the dot. The programme segues into readings, evening tours and a club night with concerts and DJ sets as well as stargazing on the roof terrace.

Sunday morning begins with a community sun salutation on the Spreeterrasse and breakfast in the Schlüterhof. This special opening celebration concludes with talks on the future of the collaborations.

The detailed programme of the 24-hour opening will be published in mid-August.


  • 17 Sep

    12:00 o'clock

Humboldt Forum, Schloßplatz, 10178 Berlin