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26 28 Aug '22

ortstermin 22 - »lieber laut«

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On August 26,  it's that time again: The Kunstverein Tiergarten opens the Moabit art festival ortstermin 22, with the theme "lieber laut" in front of the Galerie Nord at Turmstraße 75 and invites you to engage with current interdisciplinary art and culture during the weekend.

The sound is a noise information and the smallest acoustic unit of language - a sensory perception, an acoustic-physical phenomenon or a metaphorical description. Moreover, as an expression of resistance, being loud is a means of art, music, and protest culture.

Voices are raised, they shout, complain, admonish, and fight loudly to make themselves heard over resistance. Is the statement "He who shouts is wrong" actually true? 

The question of what we raise our voices for can also be the content of artistic creation. What possibilities do artists have to make themselves heard? Being loud means attracting attention and fighting for rights. What, on the other hand, happens to the sounds, the screams, the singing that fade away unheard and remain without echo?   Is it possible to preserve an outcry and bring it to the museum? What resonant spaces does a sound need in order to be understood? How loud or how quiet does art have to be in order to resonate?

89 locations and almost 200 artists answered the call to participate in the festival ortstermin in 2022.

Admission is free


  • 26 Aug

    18:00 o'clock

  • 27 Aug

    11:00 o'clock

  • 28 Aug

    12:00 o'clock

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