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Triennale der Moderne 2022 - Weimar, Dessau, Berlin

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In 2022, the festival will begin with the opening weekend in Berlin from September 30 to the public holiday on October 3, and will move on the following two weekends first to Dessau and then to Weimar, the founding site of the Bauhaus. Individual exhibitions will run until the end of the year. The cross-city motto opens up numerous references to the present and is Wohnen.Arbeiten.Leben.

The initiative "Triennale der Moderne" intends - based on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Berlin, Weimar and Dessau - to establish a network of modernism and to make the world heritage of architectural modernism better known in Germany. The program of the Triennale 2022 will include a wide range of events on the theme during the autumn weekends. Accompanying events include conferences, guided tours, exhibitions and walking tours.

  • September 30 to October 03: Kick-off weekend in Berlin
  • October 07 to 09: Program highlights in Dessau
  • October 14 to 16: Program highlights in Weimar
Idea and concept of the festival

The Triennial of Modernism is a broadly effective and supra-regional festival of building culture.
It emerged in 2013 from a cooperation between the cities of Berlin, Dessau and Weimar. All three cities have UNESCO World Heritage sites of 1920s modernism that deserve more attention. In a three-year cycle, the heritage of the era, which is groundbreaking in terms of culture, architecture and the history of ideas and continues to have an impact to this day, will be brought into public focus through a wide range of program offerings.


  • 30 Sep

    09:00 o'clock

  • 01 Oct

    09:00 o'clock

  • 02 Oct

    09:00 o'clock

  • 03 Oct

    09:00 o'clock

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