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17 Sep '22

22nd Berlin flashlight concert

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"It's 20 minutes to dark and time for a flashlight check" calls RUMPELSTIL frontwoman Blanche Elliz into the sold-out Waldbühne. And off they go. Immediately after it gets dark, people flash for all they're worth: Thousands of flashlights flash, illuminating this magical Berlin concert venue in a way that is second to none. The Berlin Waldbühne has been transformed into a great sea of lights. Welcome to the flashlight concert!

Berlin Torchlight Concert

Since 2006, the Waldbühne has been the atmospherically unique venue where goosebump moments are created every year after the summer vacations. Here, large, small and very small families celebrate, there is singing, dancing and participation, and flashlights are a very essential part. RUMPELSTIL can boast the incredible figure of 1 million people worldwide - that's how many people have already experienced a flashlight concert since the idea was born.

With this format, the Berlin band Rumpelstil has created something very unique and completely new. An event that has never existed before: a mixture of night hike and rock concert, a family woodstock and a must in the annual family calendar.

  • Blanche Elliz (voc, acc & perc)
  • Peter Schenderlein (voc, piano & keyb)
  • Max Vonthien (voc, drum & perc)
  • Jörn Brumme (voc, fl & git)
At the Taschenlampenkonzert Rumpelstil plays self-composed songs to sing along, dance along and sparkle along, made for old and young. The lyrics are well done, clever and funny. The anthem of this luminous event is the flashlight song, which is sung by everyone together.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget flashlights!!!


  • 17 Sep

    17:00 o'clock

Waldbühne Berlin, Glockenturmstraße 1, 14053 Berlin